Together strong.

At a glance

SIGEMA Holding AG takes long-term investments in value-creating and responsible medium-sized growth companies. The Swiss holding is a private company and 100 percent owned by the entrepreneur Frank Marcel Dietrich.

„Developing companies and strategies – taking action and bearing responsibility as an entrepreneur.“


SIGEMA Holding AG is a privately managed and entrepreneurially active investment holding with a focus on the manufacturing industry, digitalization and real estate.
The parent company was founded in 2016 by a private entrepreneur. This with the aim to build up and bundle a portfolio of successful medium-sized industrial companies in the wire processing industry and to use common synergies as strength.

In addition to the successful and organic growth of the existing group of companies, the focus is now also on targeted acquisitions and investments in innovative companies in attractive market niches.

As a medium-sized industrial group, the concentration is exclusively on medium-sized companies with the primary objective of increasing the enterprise value of the entire group on a sustainable basis.

The strength of the SIGEMA GROUP lies in the diversification of the investment portfolios, the significant financial strength of the parent company as well as in the strategy geared to long-term growth.

SIGEMA Holding AG. We are entrepreneurs.

Frank M. Dietrich
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Frank Dietrich (39) is a German citizen – and a thoroughbred entrepreneur. After an apprenticeship in mechanical and plant engineering in southern Germany, he completed his first degree in industrial engineering in Switzerland. Between 2008 and 2009 he worked for Angst & Pfister in Zurich, as a product manager and as a project manager for prototype construction in the field of sealing technology. In 2009 he was brought on board at AVOS Equipment AG, a leading supplier of wire processing machines, to modernise and develop the organisation. Only three years later he took over the company as the main shareholder and expanded it into a small group of companies with three other newly founded companies. Today he is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the parent company, SIGEMA Holding AG, as sole shareholder.

Since 2018 he is a partner at SeestattExperts and supports various companies as interim manager and consultant with his experience and expertise.

Frank Dietrich holds an Executive MBA degree in General Management from the University of St.Gallen (HSG) and a B.A. in Industrial Engineering and Management.

Partnerships / Memberships


„A group is stronger than an individual.“

The SIGEMA GROUP is a diversified Swiss group of companies. The individual companies, under the umbrella of SIGEMA Holding AG, have a leading market position, a strong product portfolio and a broad industry-KNOW-HOW in their fields of activity.
The use of synergies within the group of companies and a management culture based on trust and appreciation by the parent company increases production efficiency, reduce costs, lead to greater competitiveness, followed by greater profitability and further growth.
The internationally active holding company combines the strengths of medium-sized companies into a diversified group of companies: SIGEMA GROUP.

SIGEMA GROUP. Together strong.

„The driving force and strategic companion.“

The SIGEMA Holding AG invests and participates in medium-sized, industrial companies and usually aims for majority shareholdings. All our investments have growth potential, are economically successful and strive for a sustainable leading position in their industries.
With its significant financial resources and broad expertise in the area of corporate development, the umbrella organisation advises, strengthens and promotes further development and growth of the subsidiaries in the long term.
Through this “BUY, HOLD & DEVELOP” strategy, the subsidiaries act independently in operational terms and form a strong group of companies with growth potential, technological affinity and high value added under the umbrella of SIGEMA Holding AG.
The SIGEMA Holding AG, the parent company of the SIGEMA GROUP, is a privately managed public limited company under Swiss law with headquarters in Zug, Switzerland.

„An entrepreneur through and through.“

As CEO, Chairman of the Board of Directors and entrepreneur, it requires a strong leadership personality with the necessary decision-making authority, persuasiveness and assertiveness. Always with a vision and clear goals in mind, Frank Dietrich inspires and motivates people to try something new, and in doing so, relies on a lively corporate culture in which employees and values are at the very top.

Together with his management team, he actively supports, advises and accompanies the companies and holdings in their further development and sustainable growth process.

<< Values are not created with capital, but by thinking and acting like an entrepreneur and with a lively corporate culture >>                  

Frank Dietrich


„Think and act like an entrepreneur.“

In the position of an interim manager at C-level, one needs to quickly familiarise themselves with new structures, products and organisations and identify with them.
With his broad expertise as an entrepreneur, Frank Dietrich supports crisis-ridden companies in restructuring, strategic reorientation, succession planning and takes on a temporary management position.

With a lot of passion and ability to quickly inspire and motivate people, his ambition is to significantly and sustainably improve the company and organisation together with the team.

His working method is effective, goal-oriented and highly professional.

In addition to his functions within the group of companies, he is also a partner at SeestattExperts and supports companies as an interim manager.


Company Headquarters Sector  
SIGEMA Management AG Zug, Switzerland Management responsibilities
Provision of interim management and consulting services for companies as well as management and consulting for the holding companies of SIGEMA Holding AG.
AVOS Equipment AG  Zug, Switzerland Mechanical Engineering & Control Technology
  The main focus of the services lies in the wire processing industry. AVOS offers used and generally overhauled mesh welding machines, individual plant components and additional machines, control technology and control cabinets as well as spare and wear parts via its own online shop (
DIETRICH ESTATE AG Zug, Schweiz Immobilen- & Investmentgesellschaft
  Die DIETRICH ESTATE AG ist eine Immobilien Projektentwicklungs- und Investmentgesellschaft mit Sitz in Zug, Schweiz. Die Aktiengesellschaft kauft und investiert in Mehrfamilienhäuser, Wohn- & Geschäftshäuser sowie komplette Wohnanlagen in Deutschland und der Schweiz.
Only investments with more than 50% are indicated. Minority shareholdings not listed.